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Share your impressions with us and help make the forum a positive and useful place for the community.


In order not to generate arguments with other users, try to be kind and polite: aggression leads to more aggression.


Be fair: respect the opinions of others, try to understand the problem before judging.


Be clear: if you don't express yourself well, misunderstandings can be generated and you would end up creating a different confrontation than you would like. Try to stick to the topic of the post.


Do not attack, nor defend, anyone. Try to limit yourself to just saying what you think objectively, without provocation, sarcasm, or other factors that generate aggressive behavior.


UNDERSTANDING IS NOT APPROVAL. Whatever we may write, even the stupidest thing, trying to understand it does not at all mean that you approve of it.


Remember this is a good exercise for everyday life as well.

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